String Night

What is String Night? 

String Night at the Forum is the annual showcase of string music education in the Halifax schools, with performances from students in grades 4 through 12.

This year’s showcase will be presented on Thursday, May 17th at 7:00pm.


Please use the following link to sign up to help with this event. Volunteers will have a reserved seat for them inside the forum!

Sign up here


To assist in the smooth running of String Night, please refer to this map to know which doors to use.

String Night Map

Same-Day Rehearsals:

Students will rehearse at the forum on the day of the concert.  Younger students will travel by bus from their school for rehearsal during the day; other students will rehearse before or after school. Students will be asked to leave their instrument at the Forum for tuning.  Students will take instruments home after the concert.


Parents will chaperone children during the same-day rehearsal as well as during the concert in the evening.  Strings teachers will contact the chaperones directly the week before the concert.


Tickets ($5) will be available for sale at the Almon street entrance of the Forum on the day of the concert, starting at 5:30pm (you cannot enter the Forum concert area until 6pm).  Tickets may also be purchased in advance at the Music Centre (Oxford School) as follows:

Wed May 9th, 4-7pm

If you pre-purchase your tickets, you can enter the Forum through the Windsor street door.

Please contact your strings teacher to discuss financial accommodation – we want to support the participation of all students and their families in this fantastic event.  


There are close to 1200 performers and their families attending the concert.  Parking on the side streets fills up quickly so be sure to leave extra time.

What To Wear:

Students wear t-shirts to identify them as part of the program.  Arrangements for these t-shirts are made by the strings teacher a month before the concert.  We ask that students wear black on the bottom and black shoes.  If you are in need of pants/skirts/leggings/shoes, please drop by the Music Centre and look at the donation bins (donations always welcomed!).  These bins are accessible throughout the school year.

Arriving for the Concert:

Students should arrive at the Almon Street entrance by 6:20pm.  Students will be met at the door by a volunteer to escort them to their seat in the concert area.  Parents/guardians are not permitted to enter the concert area.

Leaving the Concert:  

Students are asked to wait at their seats for a parent/guardian to pick them up.