Scholarship Info

FAPA Scholarship Application

The Fine Arts Parents Association (FAPA) administers three scholarships for outstanding music students in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE). They are the Kaye Dimock Pottie Scholarship, the Karen Oxley Kennedy Scholarship, and the Chalmers Doane Scholarship.

Applications consist of an application form, to be completed by the student, and a letter of recommendation, to be written by an Halifax Regional Arts Music (West) or HRCE Music staff member. Students are encouraged to discuss their interest in the scholarships with the staff member, prior to the staff person submitting the letter of recommendation. Students may apply for more than one scholarship, but a given student can only be awarded one scholarship.

How to apply?  Students should email a completed application form to Nathan Beeler ( with “FAPA Scholarship Application” in the subject line.  Students also need to obtain at least one recommendation letter (e.g., HRCE music staff member) which should be sent directly to Nathan Beeler.

COVID – Deadline extension:  Please note that the deadline for applications has been extended to May 31st (please ignore the deadline date on the actual application form).

Applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee consisting of a minimum of the Halifax Regional Arts Music (West) Director, an HRCE music staff member, and a member from FAPA.