To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Halifax Regional Arts Music (West), formally Halifax All-City Music, the Fine Arts Parents Association established the 50th Anniversary Bursary Fund. This bursary is intended to increase participation of students in music, offered either through the Halifax Regional Arts Music (West) or through the Halifax Regional Centre for Education Music programs, who due to financial circumstances would find participation difficult.

Students will be nominated by a parent/guardian, a Halifax Regional Arts Music (West) ensemble director or a HRCE music teacher. This bursary can be used to offset instrument rental fees, ensemble fees, and uniform costs that are associated with participation in either a Halifax Regional Arts Music (West) or HRCE music program.

Bursaries are limited to $150/child for the year. Applications will be reviewed by a committee
consisting of a minimum of one FAPA Board member and one HRCE music teacher.
Bursaries will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis, contingent on available funds.
Applications require the signature of an HRCE music teacher or School Administrator who will
forward the application to FAPA for consideration.

Bursary Application